Prints of the week I

Best print ad campaigns of the last week.

Jameson, by TBWA
jameson-irish-whiskey-oil-paintings-1-1024-55604 jameson-irish-whiskey-oil-paintings-3-1024-71122 jameson-irish-whiskey-oil-paintings-2-1024-68741

Leroy Merlin Store, by Leo Burnett Moscow

Executive Creative Director: Mikhail Kudashkin
Senior Art Director: Mikhail Yarovikov
Creative Director of the Design Studio: Dmitry Jakovlev
Designer: Viktor Khomenko

leroy-merlin-store-500-rubles-1024-59896 leroy-merlin-store-50-rubles-1024-37845


Don’t Drink and Drive Foundation, by Leo Burnett Thailand
dont-drive-drunk-foundation-beer-1024-32991 dont-drive-drunk-foundation-champagne-1024-96642

TNT “We know drama”, by Duval Guillaume Modem
Worldwide Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Executive Creative Directors: Katrien Bottez, Geoffrey Hantson, Andy Bird
Art Directors: Koenraad lefever, Bastien Grisolet, Alex Shapowal
Copywriters: Dries Dewilde, Sam Butterfield
Art Buyers: Jean-Luc Chirio, Lauriane Dula
Photographer: Nadav Kander
Production: Elysian Fields / Gaël Cheval et Dorothée Lemaitre
tnt_weknowdrama_funeral_pressa2_aotw tnt_weknowdrama_monster_pressa2_aotw tnt_weknowdrama_bear_pressa2_aotw



Swiss Life “Twist and Turns”, by Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett Zurich

Creative Director: Peter Brönnimann
Copywriters: Thomas Schöb, Simon Smit
Art Directors: Reto Clement, Daniele Barbiereo
swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-6-of-6-the-end-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-5-of-6-once-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-4-of-6-the-baby-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-3-of-6-single-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-2-of-6-most-important-thing-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-1-of-6-we-need-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich


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