Art (or science) of cooking

Nathan Myhvold, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft, has written a book. Well you may expect it’s about science, numerics, programming, hardware etc, but it is a cooking book. It sounds interesting, but this is not the reason I am writing about this. Here you’ll see the reason:


The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-1 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-2 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-3 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-4 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-5 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-6 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-7-1 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-8-1 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-9 The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-10


source: Fubiz


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